Prepare for the Moment of Relevance

If the Age of the Customer is a sword of change, the Moment of Relevance
is the tip of that cold steel, indifferent to the very existence, let alone success,
of any Seller. In a universe where you’re one of potentially thousands of brands
trying to get noticed, every Prospect is asking these two rude questions:

Age of the CustomerAge of the Customer

If you want to have the maximum opportunity for your brand to be successful in the Age of the
Customer, I recommend doing the following:

• Whatever you do to go to market in the pursuit of your business model,
know that every person you hope to influence to buy from you is asking
these two questions, consciously or subconsciously, right now.

• On a prominent wall of your office, post an image that represents a
Customer, as you see on the previous page, with those two questions
as captions in balloons.

• Make sure every employee believes that their professional success
depends upon their efforts to address these questions.

• Re-enforce and re-execute the above, plus your own steps every day.
In the Age of the Seller, your brand could take a holiday. In the Age of the
Customer, it doesn’t have that luxury; you’re under the relevance microscope
24/7/365, on Main Street and Cyber Street.

The greatest danger to any brand in the new Age is not being uncompetitive,
but rather, being irrelevant.

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