Table of Contents


Section I: This Has Never Happened Before

Chapter 1   The Age of the Seller
                    The original Age is coming to an end

Chapter 2   The Age of the Customer
                     The new Age is establishing itself

Chapter 3   Parallel Universes
                    This won’t last long

Chapter 4   Subduction of Expectations
                    Which tectonic plate are you on?

Chapter 5   The Moment of Relevance
                    Make sure you’re the chosen one

Chapter 6   The Influencers
                    Two old ones and two new ones

Chapter 7   Value and Values
                    A single letter creates opportunity and disruption

Chapter 8   The Power of Trust
                    Now more valuable than ever

Section II: Taking The Age of the Customer to Market

Chapter 9   What’s Love Got to Do with It?
                    Don’t look for love in the wrong place

Chapter 10 Defining Brand Relevance
                    Where the old and new collide

Chapter 11 Brand Ownership
                    Meet your new business partner

Chapter 12 Evolution of Expectations
                    New rules for old tools

Chapter 13 Global Mobile
                    Not part of your past; dominating your future

Chapter 14 “Follow Me Home” a Gift from Customers
                    Don’t miss this buying signal

Chapter 15 Emotional Relevance
                    The difference between need and want

Chapter 16 The Rules of Selling Have Changed
                    Your Customers know the rules, do you?

Chapter 17 Social Media: A Rose by Any Other Name
                    The good, the bad, and the ugly

Chapter 18 The Power of Stories
                    An original skill is more important than ever

Chapter 19 You Must Become a Publisher
                    Customers expect to hear from you

Chapter 20 The Power Twins: Innovation & IP
                    The new marketplace muscles

Chapter 21 Your Future in the Cloud
                    New efficiency and greater advantage

Chapter 22 No Handshake in the Cloud
                    An original behavior gains new validity

Chapter 23 Quality Process Trumps Quality Service
                    The key to sustainable profitability

Chapter 24 Outsourcing: The Mother of Niches
                    The best thing to happen to your business

Chapter 25 Globalization in the Age of the Customer
                    It’s not just for the big guys anymore

Chapter 26 What Hasn’t Changed
                    These have endured and continue to deliver

Epilogue    Now You’re the Futurist
                    Develop and execute your foresight

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