Blasingame’s Laws

Blasingame's Laws

Blasingame’s Law of Customer Expectations

Once a new capability or advantage is available to Customers and adopted,
that becomes their new minimum expectation.

Blasingame’s Prime Marketplace Law
The marketplace is indifferent to your very existence, let alone your
survival and success.

Blasingame’s Law of Customer Empowerment
When Customers are empowered, Sellers are disrupted.

Blasingame’s Law of Relevance
In the Age of the Customer, relevance trumps competitiveness.

Blasingame’s Law of Business Love
It’s okay to fall in love with what you do, but it’s not okay to fall in
love with how you do it.

Blasingame’s Law of Mobile Computing
Nothing about your past was mobile. Everything about your future will
be mobile.

Blasingame’s Law of Customer Retention
It’s not your Customer’s job to keep your business top-of-mind.

Blasingame’s New Law of Websites

Your website is becoming less of a destination for customers and more
of a distribution center.

Blasingame’s Law of Customer Time

In the Age of the Customer, the most important and relevant thing a Seller
can do for Customers is to save them time.

Blasingame’s Law of B2C Relevance
If you want to have profitable retail Customers for life, give them what
they want, not what they need.

Blasingame’s Law of B2B Relevance
If you want to have profitable business Customers for life, help your
Customers help their Customers.

Blasingame’s Law of Selling in the Age of the Customer
Contribute first—contract second.

Blasingame’s Laws of Small Business Social Media
1. Your goal is to build online customer Communities.
2. Your prime directive is, “Contribute first, contract second.”
3. Your future Customers will increasingly come from Community
building activity.

Blasingame’s 4 Cs of Storytelling
1. Connect to Prospects on an emotional level with a story.
2. Convey your expertise, humanity, values, and relevance with a story.
3. Create a memory with a story that a Customer will always associate
with you.
4. Convert Prospects into Customers with the use of stories.

Blasingame’s Law of User Interfaces

Never ask a Customer to use your technology unless it’s fall-off-a-log easy.

Blasingame’s Law of Asset Hierarchy
The tangible assets we use in the Age of the Customer, will increasingly
be determined by IP innovations.

Blasingame’s New Law of Networking
Networking = Community = Customers

Blasingame’s Law of the Quality Process
The quality process begets empowerment, which engenders pride, which
produces quality, which results in performance, profits, and sustainability.

Blasingame’s Outsourcing Power Question

Must this be done in-house?

Blasingame’s Razor
Buy low. Sell high. Keep good records.

Blasingame’s Law of Aggregation

Find your success by aggregating the success of your employees.

Blasingame’s Law of Surprises
Surprises are for birthdays—this is business.

Bonus Laws:

Blasingame’s 1st Law of Small Business
It’s easy to start a small business, but it’s not easy to run and grow one

Blasingame’s 2nd Law of Small Business
It’s redundant to say “undercapitalized small business.”

Blasingame’s 3rd Law of Small Business

A small business is not a little big business.